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Solutions for success

Change and development, that is my specialty. For organizations that want to go further and really care about their people.


'Minding the store' is not for me.


For the past 16 years, I have mainly worked in the corporate world and scale ups as an interim HR director and increasingly - as a change agent in various organizations in a phase of transition.


With a lot of commitment, good thinking - and execution power, I advise management and boards of companies on their Human Resources policies,  particularly good at innovation, development and improvement. I do this by designing the entire employee journey in a smarter and better way, leadership development, optimizing recruitment, internal communications about the approach and providing training and coaching programs.


In that role I contribute with my analytical way of thinking and my business, forward-looking approach to issues.


At the same time, I am someone with a lot of inspiration to promote the wellbeing and development of people. To use their talents so they do the things that give them energy. At the same time, my interventions are always linked to the interests of the company, now and in the future.


Finding this balance is a wonderful challenge, every time.



- I am a member of the Dutch Association of Management Consultants and I follow their professional code.

- Registered coach with the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches.

- Certified SAFe Agilist and assessor for the Big 5 test instruments at GITP.


I am a speaker and can be booked through


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