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HR Advies Amsterdam


Achieve your HR goals

You have a hard-working HR team yet they don't get around to substantive innovations, organizational development or HR system optimization? Do you lack expertise or capacity in the field of project management within your own organization?


Thanks to my experience I have the can-do attitude and expertise to take your company to the next level. With me you will receive combined insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies within your company. Agile.

I do this for you:

  • Develop a fresh, appropriate people vision derived from the business strategy

  • Implement an HR toolkit with a mix of, for example:

    • re ignted performance management cycle with a continuous process of setting goals, giving and taking feedback and evaluation

    • a recruitment approach and enthusiastic onboarding program, of course in line with the culture of your company

    • work in close collaboration with the works' council and advice on acquisitions and investments

    • professionalize the HR team and services

    • tight HR processes: agile and automated as much as possible

    • education & training programs for managers and employees

    • leadership and skills coaching for leaders and teams

    • clear roles and responsibilities, design career paths with suitable employment conditions

    • procurement management of HR services such as systems, payroll providers, training

    • manage suppliers of HR services


I have proven that I can help my clients to shape and improve the way they approach their Human Resources projects.

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